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Pure raw blossom honey from Holy Cell St. Nicholas, Mt. Athos, 1 kg


Blossom honeys come from the nectar of the flowers and contain pollen grains of different plants and in various proportions. Both its physicochemical and healing properties, as well as its color, can differ depending on the plants’ nectar, which is transferred in the beehive by the bees. Usually, no kind of pollen grain overcomes the limit that could give a pure character to this honey.
    Blossom honey is the sweetest of all the other kinds of honey in Greece. It has a smooth taste and it is characterized by a balanced bouquet of flower aromas. It helps in the proper function of digestion and growing of children. It gives energy and stamina, regulates the intestinal function and enhances the liver function.

Blossom Honey from Mt. Athos, 1 KG

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