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Children's book "Prayers for young children" by Father Ioannikios Zambelis. Brand New! Only one available.

This small prayer-book is just the right size for children to be able to carry it around with them wherever they go, be it to church, to school, or at home. It contains the most important prayers of our faith, collected in one charming little edition for young children, with the original texts. The children learn the meaning of prayer: why, how, where and when we pray. This is a valuable prayer book which can accompany our children on the wonderful journey of communication with God. Children: Prayer is conversation with God, the Virgin Mary and the saints of our Church. We talk with God and thank Him for the things He gives us every day. We ask Him for whatever we think we need and pray to Him to give us what He Himself thinks is best for us. You may be wondering if God has time to listen to the prayers of everyone. Don’t worry. Our guardian angels make sure that our prayers get to Him. Come, children, let’s make our cross, light the kandelion or a little candle, pray with the prayer rope, and burn incense. Let’s talk to God as His Son Jesus talked to Him on the Mount of Olives.

Children's Book "Prayers for Young Children

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