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Size approx 9 inches


About Artos:


On Saturday of Bright Week after the prayer is said behind the Ambo after Liturgy for the breaking and distribution of artos.

The word "artos" is translated from Greek as "leavened bread". Artos is blessed before the end of the Pascha Liturgy, and during the whole Bright week it takes in the church a prominent place the Lord's Resurrection icon.

Christians always used arto. When Christ's disciples met for general prayer, they, remembering the Last Supper, took communion of Christ's body and blood. Cooking ordinary food, the first place at a table was left vacant for the Lord and bread was put at this place. On the artos the cross on which only the crown of thorns is visible is represented - it is the symbolical image of the Resurrection.

There is one more ancient church legend which connects to artos. The Apostles left at a table a part of the bread - the Virgin's share as a reminder of the constant communication with her, and after the meal divided this part among themselves. In some parishes this bread of the Mother of God is remembered once a year in connection with breaking of the artos.

Wooden Artos Stamp

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