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Laminated icon with oil from the lampada of the miracle-working icon Panagia Chrysoleontissa


When St. Nectarios sensed that his death was near, he came to the Panagia, to pray to Her. So, on August 16, 1920, he came to Chryssoleontissa, together with a nun. He stayed there for almost a week and the fathers took care of him as best as they could. During one of his prayers, St. Nectarios received the divine message that time had come for him to meet his Creator. he announnced it to the nun who started to cry, and together they took the road to return to the Holy Trinity Monastery, Aegina.

Some Miracle Stories of Panagia Chrysoleontissa

Mr. Eleftherios Monogios, living in the USA, was suffering a severe inflammation of the tendon in the right arm. The doctors recommended surgery.

The summer of 1996, he came to Greece and, together with his sister, he visited Panagia Chryssoleontissa. In front of the icon they prayed together for his therapy. The man touched the icon with his hand. The same moment, his sister fell an immense calm in her soul and reassured him that he would be cured.

And so it happened. The arm was cured without an operation.


Mrs. Anastasia Papanicolau, from Athens, visited the Nunney of Chrysoleontissa on August 27, 2001. She took a small piece of wick from the lampion, because she was childless. After sometime, she became pregnant and had a pretty little child.

Available laminated icon with oil from the miracle working icon Panagia Chrysoleontissa

Laminated Icon of Miracle Working Icon Panagia Chrysoleontissa with Oil

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