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St. Spyridon the Wonderworker, Bishop of Tremithus

Commemorated Dec 12/Dec. 25


He was born on the island of Cyprus of simple peasants and in childhood was a shepherd. At a mature age he entered matrimony and had children. In his family life he imitated the high example of the Old Testament Patriarchs. After a short time his wife died and he with a lot of eagerness still turned to acts of piety. For his wise humility and Christian simplicity he was elected Bishop of Tremithus. The Lord awarded St. Spiridon the gifts of insight and wonderworking for his virtuous life. Once, during a famine, a poor farmer asked one unmerciful rich man grain for his livelihood, promised to return it with interest after the harvest. The rich man demanded some gold as security for the grain. The poor man told his sorrow to St. Spiridon. The hierarch calmed the poor man and let him go home. But, not having gold, he took a snake, and through prayer turned it into gold, brought it to the poor man who gave it as security so that after the harvest he could redeem the security of this pledge and have it returned to him. When, after the harvest, the farmer redeemed the gold from the rich man and brought it to his hierarch, then the hierarch while in the presence of the farmer through prayer turned this gold back into a snake. St. Spiridon participated in the First Ecumenical Council in which in a simple speech and with wonderworking power countered the insincere words of the lying defenders of Arianism and converted one master of pagan philosophy to the Christian faith. While the hierarch was at the Council, his virgin daughter Irene died. When the hierarch returned home one woman informed him in tears that she gave Irene one valuable thing for protection. The hierarch, not finding this thing anywhere in the house, went to the grave of the dead one and asked her as if she were alive where she hid the protected thing. Irene, as if waking up from a deep sleep told him where she put the protected thing. Then the hierarch «again spoke to her: sleep more, O Daughter, ultimately the Lord will be with you all in the general resurrection. And fear will be on all the former, for you wondered and were awed about the glorious wonder of this. The Saint discovered the secret place for the hidden thing, and returned it to that woman". Another time under a tearful request to the hierarch from "a barbarian woman", he raised up her dead son. But "that woman died from joy". Then the hierarch, after a prayer, cried out to the dead one: "arise"! "She rose up as if from sleep". St. Spiridon died in about the year 348. The relics of St. Spiridon repose on the island of Corfu. His right hand is in Rome

Laminated Icon of St. Spyridon of of Trimythous

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