Mount Athos Incense stands out for its exceptional quality and its intense aroma. It is a genuine monastic handicraft. It is made according to the long tradition of Mount Athos


What does incense symbolize?

The sweet smell of incense and its rising smoke gave it a kind of natural symbolism. It became the image of something pleasing to God. The rising smoke came to symbolize a person’s or people’s prayers rising up to God. So in Psalm 141 we have the plea, “Let my prayer come like incense before you.”

So, among Christians today, incense has ritual and symbolic meaning. Its sweet aroma symbolizes something pleasing and acceptable being offered to God. Burning incense is also a sign of reverence and dedication.


Aroma: Cypria/Justina

Size: 10 grams

Mt.Athos incense 10 grams, aroma: Cypria/Justina

SKU: Cypria/Justina