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“Lord, what do I seek in this pain? To meet myself and You, O Lord, more deeply, more profoundly. You are my God; everything I experience, everything I have, everything I do, everything that happens to me is Your gift!” - Schemanun Siluana Vlad

His Eminence Teofan, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina, Romania:

“Schemanun Siluana Vlad (1944-2021) was born in an ordinary family during World War Two. A lack of meaning, an inner emptiness, a dryness and drabness of the soul provoked in her a state of deep pain and excruciating suffering, but also of continuous seeking. By discovering Christ, she realized that He had been with her all along, He had accompanied her in her sorrows, He had waited for her, He had forgiven her, and, above all, He had loved her as only God can love.

Above measure and beyond measure, Mother Siluana dedicated her life to God, trying to love Him with a passionate, limitless yearning down to the last fibers of her heart; a heart that was wounded but was also healed through the grace of faith.

Mother Siluana’s direct and frank way of speaking, the remarkable spontaneity in her reactions, the capacity to grasp the essential even in matters considered minor by others – all these guided her life and her testimony. St. Silouan the Athonite offered her the image of true prayer, the icon of love for God and the neighbor, and the strength to rise from the hell of despair.”

Abbess Sofronia, St. Silouan the Athonite Monastery, Iasi, Romania:

“I chose the title Offering ourselves, we enter into His joy to express as concisely as possible God’s work with us each time we open ourselves up and thus receive Him in all that is ours. Mother Siluana’s answers to the questions posed in this volume, structured in four main chapters - Spiritual Unrest; Spiritual Warfare; Other Concerns; Questions and Quests - are ways we can enter into the Joy of our Savior.”

Book "Offering Ourselves, We Enter Into His Joy Mother Silouana Vlad

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