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250gr Lightly Salted Roasted Pistachios from the Monastery of St. Nectarios in Aegina

They are unique not only because they are grown by the sisters but also have a unique flavor

Aegina pistachios are known for their exceptional taste. They have a delicate sweetness combined with a rich, nutty flavor that is distinct to the region. The flavor is often described as being more refined and less overpowering than other varieties, making them highly sought after by culinary enthusiasts.

✅Thin Shells
The shells of Aegina pistachios are thin and easy to crack, which makes them convenient to eat. Unlike some other varieties with thicker shells, Aegina pistachios require less effort to access the delicious kernels inside.

✅Health Benefits
Pistachios are nutrition powerhouses loaded with antioxidants that help to minimize free radical and combat oxidative stress in the body. They also contain an incredible amount of vitamin B6, whose properties support healthy brain development and immune and nervous system functions. Pistachios are high in omega-three fatty acids and they have three different types of antioxidants. They also have protein, healthy fats, good carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin A.


Pistachios 250gr bag from Aegina

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