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Size 4.25 x 5.75 inches on wood


Rejoice, sea that has drowned the noetic Pharaoh.

Our thoughts are like little Pharaohs that take us captive and keep us enslaved. Pray to the Mother of God, and she will help you drown those thoughts in the Red Sea, bringing you safely through the raging sea of the mind onto dry land.


Icon of the Holy Mother of God called "Drives away evil thoughts".


When Moses led Israel out of Egypt, out of slavery to the Pharaoh, then the Jews passed through the parted Red Sea, on dry land, and the sea chasing them, the army of Pharaoh, drank. Pharaoh is the image of the devil. The passage through the sea is an image of baptism. In Church prayers, the Mother of God is called - the sea of ​​grace that drowned the mental pharaoh. So, like ancient Israel, the mind and heart of a person, when he is without Christ, is in bondage to crafty demonic thoughts. On the icon, the Mother of God drowns the devil, the mental pharaoh, in the sea. She in Herself, in Her heart and pure womb showed us the Path to freedom from slavery to sin and the devil, this Path and Truth and Life is Christ.






Theotokos Drives Away Evil Thoughts Icon

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