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Panagia Phaneromene, (Phaneromene: Greek: Revealed), is an icon of the Theotokos associated with the discovery/revealing of her icon at a number of churches and monasteries of Greece. 


In each trinket locket are the following:


Holy Oil (from Our Most Holy Theotokos'

vigil oil light at our monastery)

Flowers from the epitaphio (the tomb of Jesus Christ prepared on Good Friday here at our monastery)

Wax from the tomb of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem

Soil from the Holy Land of Jerusalem.


Comes with trinket (can be put on a chain and worn around neck) and laminated icon.




Recent miracle


Deliverance from nightmares and fears


My name is D. D. and I live in Corinth. In January of 1993, I had nightmares night and day that my child would die. I continually envisioned a funeral at my house and experienced various nightmarish dreams. During the day, I had terrible fears and expected any moment that my child would be brought to me dead. This had never happened to me before in my life. For two days I did not go to work. I prayed continually, but this state of mind continued. On the third day, I took the icon of the Panagia Phaneromene, and asked her where I should go and which Saint I should beseech so that I would become well and nothing bad would happen to my child. At noon, without understanding exactly why, I decided that we should go to the monastery of Sts. Cyprian and Justina. Inside the Church, I saw the Relics of St. Joseph of Cappadocia and, knowing that miracles take place wherever there are Relics of Saints, I ran, venerated them, sat next to the Saint, and prayed that he make me well and that my child would suffer no evil. I also asked him to grant me joy as proof that my prayer had been heard. When we left the monastery, my fears had vanished and, until the time we reached home, we felt inexpressible joy within us. I thank God, the Panagia, and St. Joseph, who help us in every difficult moment of our lives.



Trinket of Miraculous Icon Panagia Feneromeni

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