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Wooden stencil, for the decoration of the kolyva. The seal depicts a big cross in the middle and the symbol IC XC NIKA. It also has two handles for easier installation and removal.

Dimensions: 6.69 x 6.69 inches

Use: Cover the kolyva with caster sugar and then place the seal on the kolyva, on the center of the pot. Sprinkle with cinnamon in order to capture the design of the stencil. Remove the seal carefully so as not to spoil the design.

Symbolism: In Orthodoxy, kolyva is one of the oldest traditions and they have special symbolism for our faith. The faithful bring kolyva to the Church at the Memorials and at All Soul’s Day. Kolyva symbolize the resurrection of the humans and the Lord, however every single ingredient of the koliva has its own symbolism. In particular, wheat symbolizes the dead, the souls of our loved ones, who are gone. Sugar symbolizes the sweetness of the paradise. Grated toast or sesame symbolize the soil, while raisins symbolize Our Lord, the Vine. Pomegranate symbolize the glory of the paradise and the nuts, almond or walnuts, symbolize the new life. Finally, the silver or white sugared-almonds symbolize the bones that remain unchangeable, in contrast to the body that deteriorate.

Wooden Stencil for decorating Kolyva IC XC NIKA

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